Welcome to the world of Buy-to-Let mortgages

We are here to provide mortgage advice for anybody interested in buying a property to rent out for investment purposes.

There are schemes available for all types of borrowers, you may be enquiring about a buy-to-let mortgage for your first investment property, or perhaps looking to increase or remortgage your existing property portfolio

The buy-to-let mortgage market is a maze of products and criteria, each lender applying a myriad of differing lending requirements to their products. It is vital that you receive the correct advice from a specialist in the market.

At the Buy-to-Let Mortgage Company we have over 100 years of combined experience in the mortgage market, this wealth of knowledge has helped our clients grow their property investment portfolios over many years.

The market for rental property is ever increasing and shows no signs of slowing down, the levels of income generated, combined with the long term potential for capital growth, provides mortgage lenders with the confidence to lend and for our clients the opportunity to invest.

Please don’t hesitate to enquire, we might surprise you with the answer you are looking for.