No monthly payment mortgages

The Buy To Let Mortgage Company has access to a range of fresh and innovative products specifically designed to assist borrowers within the Buy to Let market.

We can offer a range of products, for either purchase or capital raising, that require no monthly repayment and no proof of income.

The main criteria is the equity level in the property that you are intending to use as security. The amount that you borrow will be secured against your property, either 1st or 2nd charge lending is available, and must be repaid at the end of the mortgage term.

The total amount that you repay will be determined upon the scheme you select, but will consist of the original capital borrowed plus either the interest rolled up, a percentage of the increase in your properties value, or an increase in a well known property price indice.

These products are different and unique to anything that you will have seen before, they are not suitable for everyone, but we have not yet met a client with sufficient equity that didn’t qualify for at least one of the options available.

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