How Buy to let mortgages work

As a general guide the first requirement you will need to consider is the deposit amount that you have available, most lenders will require you to place a deposit of 25% of the purchase price to achieve the best deal. Some will allow you to reduce the deposit to 15% but then charge you accordingly.

What is a buy to let mortgage?

A Buy to Let mortgage is a loan secured against a property that is purchased with the intention of it being rented out to tenants.

Which Property is Best ?

Experienced landlords tend to need very little guidance in this matter, but it is a question that we are often asked by new landlords.

Buy to let mortgages costs

The costs associated with a Buy to Let mortgage are very similar to those associated with any other type of mortgage.

Buy to let - tax implications

You should always engage the services of a competent and qualified account or tax adviser in such matters. As a guide it is important to be aware that rental income is treated by HMRC as unearned income and must be declared.